IPL Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) hair removal is a fast and effective treatment. By using the latest technology Quantum IPL equipment, a highly trained and experienced technician can remove hair fast, and effectively. The result is soft smooth skin with little or no hair.

What is IPL hair reduction?

IPL is a sensible alternative option to waxing, laser, depilatory creams shaving or electrolysis. It is less invasive yet more powerful and more effective, long term alternative for hair reduction. The newest Quantum IPL machines have many features and benefits, making them a truly superior and versatile machine. IPL is not a laser but uses the same principle of light treatment to achieve a better result. To put it simply, Electrolysis takes way too much time and Laser hair removal is painful. This is why IPL has gained in popularity today.

Why You Should Choose Us…

  • Four times more powerful than other IPL machines, giving amazing results from less treatments – saving you money!
  • Fully adjustable to your skin and hair type
  • Completely non-invasive and non-abrasive
  • Can be recalibrated so every treatment is identical
  • Uses a chiller to relieve discomfort
  • FREE no obligation consultations
  • We care about the results of your treatment

What areas can be treated?

All areas of the face and body can be treated. Sensitive areas such as bikinis and Brazilians, chest and back hair removal are now quick and relatively pain free.

How does it work?

The area to be treated is shaved clean. The IPL head is passed over the area and a pulse of light is applied. Permanent hair follicle destruction is only possible if enough heat (thermal) energy can be delivered to the hair bulb and for a long enough period. It also requires enough melanin concentrated in the hair bulb to allow it to absorb this heat energy. IPL also targets and destroys the feeder blood vessels to the hair follicles.

The area is pre-shaved – so that the heat is delivered only to the hair bulb and not lost to hair on the surface of the skin. The heat loosens the hair shaft and disables the cells responsible for new hair growth. This affects the 30% of hair which is in the anagen or growing stage.

The treatment is superior to all others for long term and greater destruction of hair follicles due to the increased power and the longer “pulse-width” of the light beam and the greater cooling of the surface of the skin. This gives much greater protection against skin burns, sometimes seen with other IPL machines and often with Lasers. Avoid cheap imitations!

A photo-waxing result can be obtained with any machine by heat simply burning the hair shaft. This is only temporary, as the hair grows back if the hair follicle, situated in the base of the deeply lying hair bulb, is not fully destroyed. It is also important to note that multiple treatments with equipment that is not effective, (pulses which do not generate enough heat or maintain heat for long enough) will damage the hair sufficiently to remove the pigment but not stop the growth. The result will be thicker hair, lighter in colour which will then be very difficult to treat. In these circumstances, less advanced equipment at lower treatment prices is not always a bargain.

Does it hurt?

Less than waxing. Effective cooling ensures that the maximum destructive power gets only to the deeper layers under the skin. This is where the hair follicle and blood vessels need to be destroyed in the base of the hair shaft. Better surface cooling means the least amount of pain and discomfort. The Quantum IPL machine is far superior to Laser, especially for sensitive areas.

Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime with this treatment.

When do I see results?

l see results with your first treatment. The 30% of hair in the growth stage that is treated at your first appointment will be destroyed, in the main, and not grow back at all.

How many treatments do I need?

4 – 6 treatments are likely, but our technician will be more specific at your consultation as your skin and hair type will determine the final treatment plan.

Treatments will be at six (6), eight (8) then ten (10) weekly intervals, for maximum benefit. It is then recommended the fifth and sixth treatments be at three (3) monthly intervals, depending on whether there is further hair growth.

How long does the treatment take?

The equipment that we use is medical grade and technologically superior. It provides a very fast and comfortable result. The process takes less time than comparable waxing.

How long do the results last?

The treatment results in permanent hair reduction. The hair that is left is usually fair in colour, fine in texture and very sparse. An annual one off maintenance treatment is advised to control any regrowth.

Is it safe?

Very safe – by using the latest technology equipment and in the hands of an experienced operator is very safe and the outcomes are very good.

Who can have this treatment?

skin types and most hair colours can be treated. Blonde hair cannot be treated as it does not contain melanin or colour. The “lighter the skin colour” and the “darker the hair colour” (with more melanin), the more permanent hair follicle destruction is possible with each treatment.

Pre Treatment Care

Shave or use a cream depilatory (do not wax) the area to be treated.

Post Treatment Care

Cooling the area can relieve any discomfort that may be experienced but usually no further treatment is necessary.

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