What to expect

What to expect

If you are coming from home have a shower before you leave. If you are coming from work we do have personal wipes in every room for you to freshen up.

On arrival
We will ask you to fill out a client information card to make sure there are no medical concerns. Your privacy is very important to us and any information collected is only available to Simply Brazilian staff. The sole purpose of the information is to determine the safest procedure for you the client and the safety of our therapist.

How long does a Brazilian wax take?
At Simply Brazilian we do hundreds of Brazilian treatments a week, and the therapists will ensure that the client is totally at ease and comfortable throughout the session. All our therapists are provided with complete training in the Brazilian waxing for Male and Female. They are able to complete a Female Brazilian wax in approximately 20 minutes and a Male Brazilian wax in approximately 40 minutes. Any questions that the client may have can be addressed during the treatment as the therapist will talk the client through the process to keep them at ease.

How long does the hair need to be?
The hair ideally needs to be approximately 1cm long. It is not recommended that you cut your hair before your appointment, as the therapist will clipper your hair to the right length.

Does it hurt?
We are all different, some have stronger hair and roots than others, previous history of shaving or waxing can make a difference. Some have more sensitive skin and your monthly cycle, fatigue, stress and just not feeling well can also have an effect on your sensitivity. But above all the most significant factor that will affect your experience and final result is the quality of the wax used, the technical ability of your waxing therapist and frequency of your treatments.

We spend a lot of time training our therapists in technique and to advise and guide you for maximum comfort. We find that most of our customers are pleasantly surprised.

We only use premium waxes and after care products. This reduces the sensitivity of your skin and ensures a quick and effective hair removal treatment. You will then have “that clean and sexy feeling”

How long does the results last?
After your wax, the results can last 3 to 6 weeks depending on your personal hair re-growth rate. Warmer weather tends to encourage faster growth rates. In most cases, you will see minimal hair re-growth during the first 3 weeks, with a noticeable increases there after. Some areas may grow quicker than others; continued waxing encourages slower, sparse hair re-growth.

How often should I need to be waxed?
After care is very important and our therapists will make recommendations of how to maintain the Brazilian and at what stage to return to the salon for your next treatment We recommend that you come in around every 5 weeks. This will vary depending on your hair growth cycle. Customer satisfaction is of great importance to the team at Simply Brazilian. If the client requires any further advice, then our trained therapists would be happy to help.

After Care Check List
Avoid sun exposure, deodorant, hot showers, chlorinated pools, solariums, spa’s and sauna’s for 48 hours.
Use a loofah after 2 days to minimise ingrown hairs.
Apply ice packs if rash or redness occurs.
Avoid make-up after facial waxing for 48 hours.
Do not wear tight garments after waxing.
Apply anti-histamine cream if necessary
Apply antiseptic lotion to any ingrown hairs. (i.e. Tea Tree)
Moisturise daily.

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